Are Faxes an Antiquated Annoyance?

Quite out of the blue, my fax machine rang the other day. Someone was sending me a facsimile. I say “out of the blue”, because in my particular niche of law -- which is Legal Research and Drafting -- there is almost never any call for materials to be sent to me by fax.[1] Virtually all my communications with clients (who are fellow lawyers), arrive by e-mail or, less commonly, on a USB or via the cloud. Even the law books libraries will scan requested pages from books and send them in PDF format by email. So the arrival of the fax was downright jarring, to be honest. My ears pricked up, and upon hearing the machine start receiving the transmission my first thoughts, in quick succession, w

Giving Independent Legal Advice: Are All Lawyers Created Equally?

When it comes to assessing the sufficiency of a lawyer’s independent legal advice (ILA), does it matter who the lawyer is? And can a non-lawyer ever give adequate ILA? As lawyers know, certain fact scenarios can arise where it becomes prudent -- and often virtually mandatory -- for a client or other person to obtain ILA before entering into an agreement or taking a legal course of action. The purpose of ILA, among other things, is to dispel the possibility that he or she was motivated by the improper influence of another person. Practically, this scenario arises most often in connection with domestic agreements under family law, or in mortgage-related transactions involving the encumbrance

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