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My Services Include:

Legal Research, Opinions, and Factum-Drafting

Providing high-quality research and drafting services, including the preparation of:

  • Memoranda of law

  • Facta

  • Legal opinions

  • Pleadings and motion materials

  • Affidavits and other litigation documents.


Case Retrieval

  • Obtaining copies of specifically-requested case law, and noting up authorities.

  • Analysis and research to provide:

    • cases on-point

    • similar-fact decisions

    • damages or child/spousal support quantum cases

    • secondary authorities

    • text excerpts

    • related scholarly resources. 

Legal Writing

  • Drafting web content for Firm websites, blogs, and other promotional or marketing materials.

  • "Ghost-writing" scholarly articles and seminar or conference papers.

  • Drafting legal newsletters in any practice area, for distribution to potential and existing clients.

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