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What To Expect

An Experienced Research Lawyer, Providing Quality Services


Providing a Full Range of Legal Research Services​

  • Case law searching

  • Case synopses

  • Legal analysis and opinion-writing

  • Preparation of focused advocacy materials (including Factums or Memoranda of Law)

  • Authoring various publications (including newsletters, web content, promotional materials)


Various Fee Structures Accommodated​

  • Reasonably hourly rate

  • Flat-fee arrangements available in some cases

  • Respectful of client needs and budgetary constraints


Experienced and Professional

  • More than 25 years’ experience in conducting quality research

  • Highly proficient in both traditional and on-line research methodologies

  • In-depth analysis in virtually every area of Canadian law

  • Thorough, professional, and discreet

  • Understanding of the rigors and time-pressures of practice

  • Delivering comprehensive, concise and fact-driven results in a timely manner

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