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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will This Cost My Client?

Per-Issue / Per-Project Estimates Available

  • Fees are typically based on a per-hour rate, plus disbursements.

  • However, for lawyers with clients for whom cost is a particular concern, flat-free arrangements are also available.

  • As with legal fees generally, the total cost for research will depend on the number and nature of issues, the depth of research required, and other factors.

  • As a rough guideline only, simple case law searching usually costs in the neighbourhood of $200-300 per issue, including disbursements and GST.

How Soon Can I Have the Research Completed?

Speedy Turnaround

  • Average turnaround for retrieving specific cases, or cases on-point, is usually a day or two from when the research request was submitted.

  • Major memoranda are usually complete within one week to 10 days.

  • Rush jobs are also accepted at a nominal additional charge.

What Information Must Be Provided?

For most typical research assignments, a Canadian lawyer requesting legal research should provide the following:


Statement of Issues

  • A description of any facts that are relevant to the research (this is naturally left to the discretion of the lawyer, and may include pleadings, pre-trial conference memoranda, etc.).

  • A concise statement of the issue(s) to be researched.

  • Ideally, instructions should be sent on the lawyer’s firm letterhead by fax to 905-822-0501, or by email to with firm information included.


Budget and Deposit

  • A deposit to cover initial disbursements and fees.

  • An indication of the deadline and maximum budget for the work (if any).

  • A cheque for the amount of the deposit, which should be sent by e-Transfer to, or by regular mail to:


Rosemary Bocska, Research Lawyer
1982 Rackus Crescent
Mississauga, ON
L5J 0A6



  • The lawyer requesting research services may be asked to sign a written retainer confirming the scope of the research and the rate charged.

Do I Get Copies of All Cases and Materials?

Research Package

  • Yes. Unless different arrangements are agreed upon in advance, the completed work product package includes:

    • The detailed, fact-specific Memorandum of Law.

    • Copies of all case law and secondary materials considered (i.e. text excerpts, scholarly articles, etc.).


Materials Format

  • The Memorandum is provided in Word format, unless requested otherwise.

  • The case law is provided in Word, RTF, HTML or PDF, depending on the source / data provider. 

  • This allows portions of the completed research to be extracted for use in opinion letters.

Can I Get the Results by E-Mail?

Customized Delivery Options

  • Research results are sent by e-mail with attachments, unless requested otherwise. 

  • However, upon request they can be sent by fax, in hardcopy by regular mail, or by pre-arranged courier.

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