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Are You a Busy Lawyer in Need of Quality  

Legal Research?

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Why Outsource Your

Legal Research and Drafting?

Quality research and writing is essential.

  • Performing accurate and thorough legal research is an essential part of an effective lawyer’s job.

  • Canadian courts have confirmed that performing quality research is part of a lawyer's duty, both as a professional obligation and also on behalf of his or her clients.

  • Concise, persuasive writing is a key part of success in advocacy, law practice, and firm marketing.


Legal research is specialized and complex.

  • Legal research has become its own specialized area of practice.

  • Continuing advances in on-line legal research make it hard to keep abreast of changes.

Your time is at a premium. 

  • Even those most conscientious lawyer can have little time, experience or inclination to do proper research.

Spend your time on what you’re good at.

  • By outsourcing, you can  devote your time to what matters most, such as representing your clients, and running your practice.

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